Image Consulting/Styling

Fashion is art, and our bodies are canvases.  Fashion (as does art) reflects what we’re feeling on the inside.  How you see yourself plays a major role in your happiness, and when we look good – we feel even better.  If I can help one person see themselves in a more positive light by enhancing their self-esteem through fashion, I am on the right path. 

If you’re in need of a style boost, inspiration, an outfit for an occasion, or a total transformation, I’ve got just what you’re looking for below.         

Nola Stylists

Image/Style Consultation

Style has nothing to do with the trends or the most expensive clothing labels but everything to do with knowing yourself, finding your own look, and rocking it with confidence.  Have you yet to discover your unique swag?  Do you know which looks make you standout fashionably?  Have you lost your style motivation? If any of the aforementioned questions apply to you don’t fret, I got you boo!  Booking a style consultation with me is the first step in getting your style on the right track.  Click the button below to learn more!

New Orleans' Stylists


“What will I wear?”  This mystery question plagues millions of people every freaking day!!!  But don’t trip sweetie, God invented people like me to alleviate the “I have nothing to wear” stress.  Got an event to attend, a photo shoot, or are you looking for the perfect vintage pieces?  Well you’re in the right spot!  I will assist you in bringing your style dreams to life. Hit the button below for more details on this service.